7.(*)  Thomas5 Giddings(III)(Thomas4, Thomas3, John2), born at Lyme(New London)
CT, 31 Aug 1753; died at Hartland(Hartford)CT, 13 Aug 1845; 
married 1) Simsbury(Hartford)CT, 1775 Affiah Hayes b. Simsbury(Hartford)CT 
24 Sep 1757 d. Hartland 29 Dec 1804, daughter of Asahel and Martha(Holcombe)
Hayes.  Thomas(III) was a soldier from Connecticut in the Revolutionary War; 
his pension application states that he saw George Washington while preparing 
defenses on Manhattan Island.
Children(all born Hartland):
8.   i. Ira6, b. 22 Jun 1785.
9.   ii. Thomas W., b. 17 Mar 1791.
10.  iii. Chester W., b. 4 Jul 1795.
11.  iv. George, b. 1797.
12.  v. Erastus, b. 1800.                      
13.  vi. William, b. c1801.
     vii. Lucy, b. c1804, m. Granby(Hartford)CT Cyrus Case, resided Ohio.
married 2) Canton(Hartford)CT 29 Jan 1806 Ann Bishop b. 1777 d. Jun 1854.
14.  viii. Seth, b. 25 Dec 1807.
     ix. Affiah, b. Jan 1810, m. North Granby(Hartland)CT 10 Apr 1828 George 
          Carr b. CT.  In 1880 she was living with her son Clarence.
          Children(surname Carr):
               1. Thomas7
               2. George W., b. CT c1840, m. Mary I. ----. In 1880 he was farming 
                  next to his brother Clarence, George was still there in 1900. 
                  Child: Frank C. b. CT Aug 1874.
               3. Clarence, b. CT c1855, in 1880 he was farming at Simsbury
               4. Miriam
     x. Emeline
     xi. Mary L., b. 1814, m. c1835 Daniel Pridle b. CT, in 1880 she was living 
          with her daughter Julia M. at Grand Rapids(Kent)MI.
          Children(surname Prindle):
               1. James7
               2. John, b. CT 1838, living with his sister Julia M. in 1880, in 
                  1900 with his brother Seth.
               3. Julia M., b. CT c1842, m. Allen Davis b. MI c1817. 
                  Children: Mary b. MI c1866, Orson E. b. MI c1870.
               4. Seth, b. MI May 1850, m. c1872 Eudora A. ---- b. NY May 1849, 
                  living Plainwell(Allegan)MI in 1880, in 1900 they were in Grand
                  Rapids(Kent)MI, in 1910 they were in Saginaw(Saginaw)MI where 
                  he was a stationary engineer.
               5. Frank D., b. MI Dec 1854, m. c1882 Johanna ---- b. MI May 1860, 
                  living Grand Rapids(Kent)MI in 1880 and 1900, working as a trav-
                  elling man. In 1920 she was a widow in Grand Rapids(Kent)MI 
                  working as a housekeeper for a Moran family.
     xii. Laura, b. 1816, m. ---- McRoy.
15.  xiii. John, b. 8 Jul 1820.

8.  Ira6 Giddings(Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3), born at Hartland(Hartford)CT, 
22 Jun 1785; died at Seneca Falls(Seneca)NY, 13 Feb 1832; married 1) Seneca 
Falls(Seneca)NY 1805 Anna Farnham b. 4 May 1785 d. Romulus(Seneca)NY c1814.
Children(all born Romulus(Seneca)NY):
     i. Laura7, b. 2 Aug 1808.
     ii. Emma, b. 11 Jun 1809. 
     iii. Lorinda, b. 8 Aug 1812, d. MI 25 Aug 1839, m. ---- ----.
married 2) Romulus(Seneca)NY 11 Mar 1815 Anna(Doty)Gleason b. 4 May 1785, 
daughter of Shillman and Hannah(Haden)Doty, she was the widow of Mahlon Gleason.
16.  iv. Amherst C., b. 31 Mar 1816.
     v. Hannah A., b. 10 Aug 1820, d. 28 Feb 1822.
17.  vi. William Doty, b. 22 mar 1822. 
     vii. Mahlen, b. 31 Jul 1825, d. Romulus(Seneca)NY 25 May 1844.

11.  George6 Giddings(Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3), born at Hartland(Hartford)CT, 
23.  i. Hiram7, b. NY 28 Nov 1822.
24.  ii. Erastus, b. NY 10 Sep 1824. 
     iii. George
     iv. William
     v. Abigail
     vi. Polly, m. ---- Moshier.
     vii. Lucinda

13.  William6 Giddings(Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3), born at Hartland(Hartford)CT, 
c1801; died Genesee Co. MI 14 Jun 1886; married 1) Mary Wakely.  In 1880 he was 
living with his son at Atlas(Genesee)MI.
28. i. William Henry7, b. Genesse Co. MI 17 Nov 1835.
maried 2) Fanny Philips.

14.  Seth6 Giddings(Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3), born at Hartland(Hartford)CT, 
25 Dec 1807; died at West Hartland(Hartford)CT, 7 Apr 1896; married 1) 2 May 1830 
Chloe Clakre b. c1810 d. 23 May 1854. In 1880 he was farming at Hartland
Children(all born CT):
     i. son7, b. 1831, d. same day.
     ii. Lucy A., b. 29 Dec 1832, m. 12 Feb 1854 William H. Spencer b. CT c1821.
          In 1880 they were farming at Hartland(Hartford)CT.
          Children(all born CT, surname Spencer):
               1. Henry W.8, b. 19 Mar 1855, living with his parents in 1880.
               2. Jennie, b. 15 May 1859.
               3. Huron, 20 May 1862.
               4. Seth G., b. 14 Mar 1864, living with his parents in 1880.
               5. George A., b. 22 Jan 1866, m. c1889 Aillie S. ---- b. CT Feb 1870, 
                  living with his parents in 1880 and in 1900 working as a wagon 
                  driver in Hartford(Hartford)CT. Child: Mildred b. CT Nov 1892.
               6. Fred C., b. 29 Nov 1869, living with his parents in 1880, in 1900 
                  he was farming at Hartland(Hartford)CT. unm.
               7. William H., b. 23 Aug 1875, d. 22 Dec 1875.
     iii. son, b. 1836 d. same day
29.  iv. Erastus Warren, b. 16 Jan 1837.
     v. son, b. 1843 d same day
     vi. Ellen C., b. 12 Oct 1844, d. 19 Jul 1880, m. West Hartland(Hartford)CT 
          25 Oct 1863 Josiah W. Case.
          Child(surname Case):
              1. Nellie L.8, b. 12 Aug 1866, d. 28 Mar 1871.
     vii. Persis A., b. 27 Jun 1850, d. 11 Jun 1910.
     viii. Laura, b. 1851 d. 18 Apr 1862.
     ix. Mary J., b. 17 Apr 1852 d. 19 Dec 1882.
married 2) Tolland Co. CT, Feb 1855 Lucy(Hall)Shepherd b. MA c1817 d. aft. 1880.
30.  x. Burrell, b. Hartland(Hartford)CT c1856.
     xi. Seth, b. Hattland(Hartford) CT Oct 1858 d. Hartland(Hartford)CT 5 Apr 1862.


15.  John6 Giddings(Thomas5, Thomas4, Thomas3), born at Hartland(Hartford)CT, 
8 Jul 1820; married 10 Sep 1854 Hannah Jane Colby b. NH 3 May 1839.
In 1880 he was a retail grocer in Grand Rapids(Kent)MI.
     i. John Franklyn7, b. 16 May 1855, d. 5 Dec 1860.
     ii. Edward William, b. 27 Jan 1858, d. 27 Nov 1860.
31.  iii. Franklyn Edward, b. MI 28 Apr 1861.  
     iv. Albert J., b. MI 7 Feb 1864, m. c1900 Mary B. ---- b. PA Apr 1866, residing
          Grand Rapids(Kent)MI in 1900, working in a laundry.
32.  v. John Arthur, b. MI 27 Mar 1872.

16.  Amherst C.7 Giddings(Ira6, Thomas5, Thomas4), born at Romulus(Seneca)NY, 
31 Mar 1816; died at Varick(Seneca)NY 1894; married Elizabeth ---- b. NY Jun 1823 
d. 1904. In 1900 she was living with her daughter.
    i. Jennie E.8, b. NY c1860, m. Alton McLafferty b. NY c1852.  In 1880
        they were living with her parents, farming at Romulus(Seneca)NY, in 1900 she 
        was a widow living at Romulus(Seneca)NY, and 1910 with her son, in 1920 she 
        was living with her daughter.
        Children:(surname McLafferty):
            1. Maud E.9, b. NY Sep 1883, m. c1904 John George Secor b. NY 5 Apr 1884. 
               In 1920 and 1930 they were farming at Romulus twp(Seneca)NY. 
               Child: Clifford R. b. NY 14 Apr 1906 d. 13 Sep 1991.
            2. J. Seward, b. NY 30 Apr 1889, m. c 1922 Mary ---- b. Scotland c1900. 
               He was farming at Romulus(Seneca)NY in 1910; in 1920 he was living in 
               Rochester(Monroe)NY working as a repairman for the gas co. In 1930 he 
               and  his wife were in Geneva(Ontario)NY where he was an auto salesman.


17.  William Doty7 Giddings(Ira6, Thomas5, Thomas4), born at Romulus(Seneca)NY, 
22 mar 1822; died at Romulus(Seneca)NY, 27 Dec 1910; married 1) Romulus(Seneca)NY, 
25 Oct 1845 Elizabeth Swarthout b. Roumulus(Seneca)NY 6 Nov 1827 d. Romulus
(Seneca)NY 6 Jun 1893, daughter of Coe and Susan(---)Swarthout.  In 1880 they were 
farming at Varick(Seneca)NY.
     i. Josephine8, b. NY c1855, living with her parents in 1880.
     ii. Frank D., b. NY c1859, living with his parents in 1880.
married c1895 2) Celia H.(----)---- b. Jan 1840, in 1900 and 1910 they were farming 
at Varick(Seneca)NY.

23.  Hiram7 Giddings(George6, Thomas5, Thomas4), born NY, 28 Nov 1822; died 
Argentine(Genesee)MI, 27 Feb 1902; married Macomb Co. MI, 22 Feb 1849 Harriet 
Robinson b. NY 20 Apr 1828 d. Argentine(Genesee)MI 5 Feb 1892.  In 1880 they 
were living Argentine(Genesee)MI; he was employed as a carpenter.
     i. Bertie8, b. MI, c1868.
     ii. James, b. MI, 1873.
 in 1880 an Ada b. MI c1851 was enumberated as a daughter-in-law of Hiram

24.  Erastus7 Giddings(George6, Thomas5, Thomas4), born NY, 10 Sep 1824;  
died 23 Aug 1892; married 12 Jan 1858 Mary Anne ---- b. France c1835.
In 1860 he was in Chesterfield(Macmb)MI working as a carpenter, in 1870 in 
Grand Rapids(Kent)MI as a carpenter, in 1880 farming at Bazaar(Chase)KS.
36. i. Homer G.8, b. MI 1859. 

28.  William Henry7 Giddings(William6, Thomas5,Thomas4), born Genesse Co. MI, 
17 Nov 1835; died c1928; married 6 May 1858 Mary Beardslee b. Oakland Co. MI 
Jun 1837, duaghter of James and Jane[---]Beardslee. In 1880 they were farming at
Atlas twp(Genesee)MI and were still there in 1900.
Children(both born MI):
46.  i. Cassius H.8, b. Sep 1868. 
     ii. Leah, b. Jun 1873, m. 26 Apr 1893 Arthur Grandy b. MI Nov 1867, in 1900 
          they were farming in Oxford twp(Oakland)MI, in 1910 she as a widow was 
          living in Davison(Genesee)MI. 
          Child(surname Grandy):
              1. Bernice9, b. MI Jun 1899.

29.  Erastus Warren7 Giddings(Seth6, Thomas5, Thomas4), born CT, 16 Jan 1837;
married Jenners(Somerset)PA, 31 Jan 1866 Jane M. Earle b. PA c1838.  
In 1880 they were living in Somerset(Somerset)PA.
     i. Bertha B.8
     ii. Maria B., b. PA c1869.
     iii. Annie E., b. PA c1871.

30.  Burrell7 Giddings(Seth6, Thomas5, Thomas4), born Hartland(Hartford)CT, 
c1856; died CA c1910; married 1) c1875 Eliza Jane Stewart b. Hartland
(Hartford)CT 25 Jan 1857 d. Simsbury(Hartford)CT 20 Mar 1925, daughter of Robert 
and Corinthia(Vedakin)Stewart; divorced, she married secondly Luther T. Valentine.
In 1880 he was farming at Hartland(Hartford)CT, near her parents.
    i. Robert Burrell8, b. CT 25 Jan 1874.
married 2) 17 Nov 1895 Charlotte Beach.

31.  Franklyn Edward7 Giddings(John6, Thomas5, Thomas4), born  MI, 28 Apr 1861;
married m. c1899 Ellen ----- b. MI Jun 1874, 1880-1930 in Grand Rapids(Kent)MI, 
working as a clerk in a grocery in 1880, in 1900 he was working in a laundry, 
in 1920 employed as a concrete worker, in 1930 working as a concrete contractor. 
     i. Edna8, b. MI c1901, living with her parents in 1930 working as a timekeeper 
         for a sweeper compnay, in 1940 she was still in Grand Rapids and was an 
         assembler for Bissell carpet sweeper co.
     ii. John, b. MI c1909.

32.  John Arthur7 Giddings(John6, Thomas5, Thomas4), born  MI, 27 Mar 1872;
died c1905; married c1894 Etta R. Aldrich b. MI Nov 1874, daughter of Stephen Henry 
and Elizabeth(----)Aldrich. In 1900 he was a machinist living in Grand Rapids(Kent)
MI and they were living with her parents, she and the children were living with her 
father in 1910 at Grand Rapids(Kent)MI.  By 1920 she had married William Thompson 
b. MI c1865.  In 1930 she was a widow living in Grandrapids(Kent)MI.
     i. Persis A.8, b. MI 4 Jul 1896, d. Grand Rapids(Kent)MI Aug 1984, m. H. W.Mac-
         Donald. In 1930 she and her child were living with her widowed mother and 
         she was a bookkeeper for the gas company.
         Child(surname MacDonald)
             1. James William9, b. WI c1924.
     ii. John Arthur, b. MI 1 Mar 1900, d. Grand Rapids(Kent)MI Oct 1976, m. c1925 
          Florence Lindrew b. MI c1896. In 1930 he was a steam fitter and she oper-
          ated a bank's switchboard in Grand Rapids(Kent)MI. In 1940 they were still 
          there and he was an attendant at a gas station.
     iii. Phoebe J., b. MI 19 Mar 1902, d. Hollywood(Broward)FL Jan 1978, m. c1928 
           Rexford C. Edwards b. IN 23 Dec 1903 d. Hollywood(Broward)FL Mar 1981, a 
           testman for the phone company when they were living with her widowed 
           mother in 1930. They were still there in 1940.
           Children(surname Edwards):
                1. Joan, b. c1933.
                2. Charlene, b. c1936.

38.  Homer G8 Giddings(Erastus7, George6, Thomas5), born MI, c1859;  married 
Emma ---- b. IN c1861. In 1920 they were farming at San Bernadino twp(San Bernadino)
    i. Harry9, b. CA c1902, working for the telegraph Co. in 1920.

46.  Cassius H.8 Giddings(William Henry7, William6, Thomas5), born MI, Sep 1868;
married 31 Dec 1891 Myrtle J.Knapp b. Oct 1870; 1900-1930 they were in Atlas twp
(Genesee)MI, farming in 1900, 1920 a laborer in a garage, and 1930 proprietor of a  
mill. In 1940 they were living in St. Petersburg(Pinellas)FL.
71. i. William Henry9, b. Atlas twp(Genesee)MI 27 Sep 1892.

71.  William Henry9 Giddings(Cassius8, William7, William6), born Atlas twp(Gen-
esee)MI 27 Sep 1892; married 1) Lida Billings b. MI Feb 1888, daughter of ---- and 
Lucy(----)Billings, married 2) c1925 Melva J. ---- b. MI c1905.  Living with his 
first wife in 1920 at Pontiac(Oakland)MI where he was a stock carrier for a body 
factory, and still there in 1930 when he was a sanitary inspector for the city.  
In 1940 she was a widow living in Miles City(Custer)MT working as the chief cook
at the WPA district office.
Children(both born MI):
     i. Robett G.10, b. c1926.
     ii. Mary Jane, b. c1928.
     iii. Lizbeth Ann, b. c1933.

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